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Direct Indictment on Multi-Million Dollar Cross-Boarder Fraud

  • 8 April 2015

CC: s.465(1)(c) – Conspiracy, s.462.31(2) – Money Laundering, s.380(1)(a) x 24 – Fraud exceeding $5000, s.467.12 – Organized Crime; CA: s.52.1(3) x 2 – Deception


My client and 6 co-accused committed a cross-border telemarketing scam, defrauding seniors from their life savings, in amounts totaling millions of dollars.


The matter was scheduled for a 3-month long Preliminary Inquiry. Part way through, the Crown preferred a Direct Indictment, so the prelim was abandoned and the matter went straight to arraignments at QB. Unfortunately, I had to remove myself from the record, as I was unable to devote the time required to run a 6-month long trial.

Categories: Result,Statutory & Regulatory Violations.
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