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No Jail for Violent Attack on Girlfriend

  • 13 April 2015

CC; s.266 – Assault (domestic)


My client and his girlfriend became engaged in heated verbal argument as he was driving her home. After refusing to pull over and let her out, the complainant tried to open the door and jump out of the moving vehicle. She also grabbed the steering wheel and tried to cause an accident. My client became enraged with her and began to pull her hair, causing clumps of hair to come out. As she struggled with him, and kicked her legs out the window, her boots fell off, onto the road. He then proceeded to punch her repeatedly in the head and face. He eventually pulled over and she managed to escape and run away barefoot in the snow to call 911 from a store.


Although the complainant was unlikely to show up at trial, my client instructed me to change his plea to guilty and accept the resolution proposal of a suspended sentence and a period of probation for one year. No jail.

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