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Aggressive Drunk and Suspended Driver in Stolen Car Gets a CSO

  • 8 April 2015

CC: s.253(1)(a) – Impaired driving, s.253(a)(b) – Driving while over .08%, s.403(a) – Personation, s.129(a) – Obstructing a Peace Officer, s.334(b) – Theft, s.264.1(1)(a) – Uttering Threats, s.259(4) – Drive while disqualified, s.145(5) – Fail to attend for identification; TSA: s.94(2) – No insurance, s.167 – No registration, s.94(2) – Drive while unauthorized.


My client lunged at his ex-girlfriend and threatened to beat her and abandon her outside of town for disrespecting him. He was also caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, lying to police about his name, breaching his terms of release, stealing from his friend, and a number of traffic violations.


He had a lengthy and related criminal record. The Crown was seeking a period of incarceration in the range of 7 months in jail, plus significant fines. He received a Conditional Sentence Order, with probation. No jail.

Categories: Disorderly Conduct,Impaired & Driving Offences,Result,Statutory & Regulatory Violations.
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