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Calgary Property and Financial Crime Offences

Criminal offences relating to property offences, theft, and financial crimes include white collar crimes, automobile theft, robbery, breaking and entering, cybercrimes, identity theft, arson, shoplifting, beaches of contract, money laundering, and other such crimes are defined under the Criminal Code of Canada. Penalties for such crimes could include fines, probation, imprisonment and travel restrictions. Being charged with one of these offences requires professional and experienced representation from a property and financial crimes lawyer in Calgary.

Some property and financial crimes are considered minor cases, while others are much more serious. Regardless of the actual criminal offence, it is important to treat the charge as serious, no matter whether you were charged with shoplifting or robbery. Calgary property and financial crimes lawyer, Paul Gracia has represented clients facing a wide range of charges from shoplifting food to multi-million dollar fraud charges with numerous boxes of evidence.

Mr. Gracia examines the details of each client’s charges to decide the most appropriate actions in building their defence. With minor charges, he looks at the nature of the crime and whether the accused’s rights were violated in any manner by the police to develop various criminal defence strategies. Defence strategies could include negotiating with the Crown for a diversion of the charges out of the criminal court system using one of several forms of other restorative solutions, such as the Mental Health Diversion, the Alternative Measures Program, the Peacemaker process, and the Extra-Judicial Sanctions process. Determining which solution to utilize depends upon the age of the offender, their mental state, and whether they are an Aboriginal offender.

For more serious charges, Calgary property and financial crimes lawyer Paul Gracia conducts a detailed review of the charges, evidence gathered by the Crown, and if there were any rights violations before advising the client on the best possible strategy to pursue in defending their case. The nature of the criminal charges could involve complex and lengthy trials or may be able to resolved successful using negotiating processes using creative solutions beneficial for the client.

Mr. Gracia is fully committed to his client’s best interests when representing them against property and financial criminal charges. He works hard to ensure they receive the best results and most appropriate outcomes. Mr. Gracia has a proven record of successes for former clients. You can see these results by reviewing the “Results” section of this website to see what he was able to accomplish for those clients, and might be able to do for you.

After reviewing the “Results” section, contact Mr. Gracia today at 403-975-4529 for a free consultation appointment to discuss your property and financial criminal charges.

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