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No Jail on Sexual Assault Charge, Jury Dismissed

  • 13 April 2015

CC: s.271 – Sexual Assault.


My client, while in a hotel room after a night out, got caught fondling the privates of a girl his age, while she was asleep.


After a jury had already been empanelled, and on the morning of trial, the Crown offered a resolution proposal. Instead of potentially being found guilty of “Sexual Assault,” which carries a starting point sentence of three years incarceration, he pleaded guilty to committing an “Indecent Act,” which is a far less serious offence, and received a fine of $1000, with 6 months time to pay it. He will not be a registered sex offender; he will not be required to submit his DNA; and, eventually, he can apply for a pardon.

Categories: Result,Sexual & Indecent Acts.
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