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Reduced Fine on Impaired Driving Accident, Breaches and Numerous Tickets

  • 8 April 2015

CC: s.253(1(a) – Impaired Driving, s.254(5) – Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample, s.733.1(1) – Breach Probation Order x 3; TSA: s.51(a) – No driver’s license, s.52(1)(a) – No registration, s.54(1)(a) – No insurance, and s.53(1)(b) – No license plate.


My client was observed by the police to swerve all over the road and to finally lose control and get his vehicle stuck in a ditch. He was extremely intoxicated. He was on probation for an assault charge. He had a lengthy criminal record.


He pleaded guilty to only one charge and received a fine of only $1500. No insurance alone is a fine of $2875. All other charges were withdrawn.

Categories: Breaches of Court Orders,Impaired & Driving Offences,Result,Statutory & Regulatory Violations.
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